Lighten The Load @ YogaOne

The teenage years are crucial to development and growth. Yet many teens are under excessive pressure - from school, families, friends and society as a whole. They are often exhausted, on an emotional roller coaster with intense expectations and very little time to step back and just breathe. Having an opportunity to reflect and connect with themselves and others their age, though talking, sharing and mindfulness can be truly soul restoring. And combined with yoga, offers an excellent way to help your teen deal with the overwhelming emotional and physical changes that he or she goes through during adolescence.

Main Points of the Workshop include:

-Take a break from the drama and business of life
-Learn about yoga and mindfulness and how it can help you deal with daily stress
-Find strength & flexibility in your body while you relax and calm your mind
-Connect, reflect, and share with other teens

Very much looking forward to working with the lovely Kat Owens who will be leading the yoga component of the workshop, at the stunning YogaOne studio, .  See you on your mats!